Que vous soyez un joueur se posant des questions sur les règles d’un de mes jeux, un éditeur intéressé par mes créations anciennes et nouvelles, une institution ou une entreprise désirant réaliser un jeu de société, un journaliste écrivant sur les jeux de société, ou toute autre personne intéressée par mes jeux, vous pouvez me contacter par email à l’adresse suivante :
Si vous écrivez au sujet d’un jeu particulier, mettez bien le nom du jeu dans le sujet de votre email, afin qu’il ne se perde pas et arrive dans la bonne boite aux lettres.

Whether you are a gamer needing precisions about the rules of one of my games, a publisher interested by my older or new designs, a journalist writing on boardgames, an institution willing to have me design a specific game, or anyone else interested in my game designs, you can email me at
If writing about a specific game, please insert the game’s name in the subject field, in order to make sure your email is not lost and ends in the right mailbox.

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  1. We use many of your games in our alternative high school setting, and I’ve been enjoying them at home for years. I’m so very glad to see your new blog and am looking forward to visiting it often, to catch up on what’s new!

  2. I’m looking for feedback on a novel. I’m writing a satiric comedy about race and I need to know if the book is too difficult to read. Any subject that starts with the description “black problems” tends to be difficult for white people to read. I’m working on this book to make that a less prominent problem.

    I read you were in Indy for GENCON and decided to write. Will you read and crit?

  3. Just wanted to say I’ve really been enjoying reading your articles, especially your most recent interview with Mihajlo. Great to see how engaged you are with this subject area and how much you share that enthusiasm with the general public.

    Looking forward to reading more!

  4. Dear Bruno. Thank you for your Citadels. It is my favorite game=) We with my wife have an idea how to change mode of this wonderfull game from competition to cooperative – when all players togeither will play against the game. We figured how to do this and already created some mechanics which we with all greatfulness for your Citadels want to offer to you without any commercial interest from our side. I will be happy to explaine them to you by email or watsup when you have time.

  5. Oh dear my bruno.
    I enjoy Citadel. Thank you for providing good game.
    But It’s very hard to find members for the game.
    Please approve playing in website, boardgamearena.
    I hope it will be considered positively.
    Thank you very much.!

    • It doesn’t depend on me but on the publisher, but I don’t think it’s the kind of game that can satisfactorily be played online. All the fun is in watching other players right into the eyes.

  6. Hi Bruno,

    I enjoyed Citadels and thanks for making this game! Quick question on this one – while playing the game, during a round, one of the members (she went first and was the assassin) asked other members on who which character I could’ve picked, given I was close to winning. I felt, this wasn’t fair as everyone knew their respective cards, and could say no to killing the character she’d pick unless they were sure of me taking it. There are no rules around this and I’ve tried looking up threads and articles to make sense into it. In my opinion, the game is all about guessing and picking the characters according to your intuition of your winnings and the
    Other members. But since you’re the creator , please share your thoughts.


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