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À paraître en 2015 ou 2016
In the pipe so far for 2015 or 2016
Argo, with Serge Laget, Flatlined games
Castle, new edition, with Serge Laget
Diamant, new edition, Iello
Kheops, new edition, with Serge Laget, White Goblin Games
Mission : Red Planet, new edition, with Bruno Cathala
Neeed !, with Eric Lang, Lui-Même éditions
Piraci, with Bruno Cathala, Bombyx
Queen’s Necklace, new edition, with Bruno Cathala
Raptor, with Bruno Cathala, Matagot
Sauve qui Peut !, with Anja Wrede, Grosso Modo Editions
Trois Singes – Three Monkeys
Wakan Tanka, Sweet November Games
Warehouse 51, with Sergio Halaban & André Zatz

Attila, Blue Orange games

Animal Suspect, with Nathalie Grandperrin, Gigamic
Devine qui vient dîner ce soir – Guess who’s coming to dinner, à télécharger – web published
Formula E, with Sergio Halaban & André Zatz, Clever Mojo – Game Salute
Mascarade expansion, Repos Prod

Castle,with Serge Laget, Russian Edition, Hobby World
Mascarade, Repos Prod
Bongo, new edition, Heidelberger Spielverlag

Speed Dating, with Nathalie Grandperrin, Letheia
Soluna, Steffen Spiele

Battle of the Gods
, Gamelink
Bugs & Co
, with Tom Vuarchex & Pierrick Yakovenko, Libellud
Dragons Gold, White Goblin Games
Lost Temple, White Goblin Games
Piraci, with Bruno Cathala, Egmont
Le Roi des Nains – The Dwarf King, Iello
Terra, Jolly Thinkers

Isla Dorada, with Andrea Angiolino, Pier Giorgio Paglia, Alan R. Moon, Fantasy Flight Games, Funforge
Ostriches, with Bruno Cathala, NestorGames
Smiley Face, with Gwenaël Bouquin, Fantasy Flight Games

Ad Astra, with Serge Laget, Nexus Games
Agent Double, with Ludovic Maublanc, Matagot
Captain Pirate, with Gwenaël Bouquin, Cocktail Games
Lettre de Marque – Letter of Marque, Edge, Fantasy Flight Games
Pony Express, with Antoine Bauza, Funforge
Tensao Total, with Alan R. Moon, Grow

China Moon, in the 15 greatest board games in the world, Klutz Press
Kheops, with Serge Laget, Tilsit
Musée Mystère, Musée de la carte à jouer d’Issy les Moulineaux
Novembre Rouge – Red November, with Jef Gontier, Fantasy Flight Games
La Vallée des Mammouths, l’extension, with Don Frew & Greg Stafford, Asmodée

Chicago Poker, with Bruno Cathala, Phalanx Games
Stonehenge, with Richard Garfield, Mike Selinker, Richard Borg, James Ernest, Titanic Games

Incan Gold, with Alan R. Moon, Funagain – Gryphon Games
Silk Road, with Ted Cheatham, Z Man Games
Tomahawk, with Bruno Cathala, Matagot
Reworking on Derek Carver’s Warrior Knights for Fantasy Flight Games

Les Chroniques du pélerin – The Pilgrim’s Chronicle, with Serge Laget, expansion for Mystery of the Abbey, Days of Wonder
Diamant, with Alan R. Moon, Schmidt Spiele
The Hollywood Card Game, with Michael Schacht, Fantasy Flight Games
Key Largo, with Paul Randles & Mike Selinker, Titanic, Tilsit, Egmont
Mission Planète Rouge – Mission : Red Planet,  with Bruno Cathala, Asmodée

Boomtown – La Fièvre de l’Or, with Bruno Cathala, Asmodée, Face to Face Games
La Cité Sombre – The Dark City, Citadels expansion, Fantasy Flight Games, Millenium
Iglu Iglu, with Bruno Cathala, Goldsieber
Toc Toc Toc ! – Knock Knock!, with Gwenaël Bouquin, Asmodée, Jolly Roger Games

Mystère à l’Abbaye, With Serge Laget, Days of Wonder
, Cocktail Games
Le Collier de la Reine – Queen’s Necklace, with Bruno Cathala, Days of Wonder
De l’Orc pour les braves, with Alan R. Moon, Asmodée
Terra, Days of Wonder

Aux Pierres du Dragon – Fist of Dragonstones, with Michael Schacht, Days of Wonder
Citadels, Fantasy Flight Games

Draco & Co, with Michael Schacht, Jeux Descartes
L’Or des Dragons – Dragons Gold, Jeux Descartes
Tempête sur l’échiquier 2, with Pierre Cléquin, Variantes
Vabanque, with Leo Colovini, Winning Moves
La Vallée des Mammouths – Valley of the Mammoths, Asmodée

Bongo, Heidelberger Spieleverlag
Castel – Castle, with Serge Laget, Jeux Descartes
Citadelles, Multisim, Hans im Glück
Corruption, Atlas Games, Jeux Descartes
Democrazy, with Karl Heinz Schmiel, Jeux Descartes

Le Combat des Dieux, Sciences & Vie Découvertes

Knightmare Chess 2, with Pierre Cléquin, Steve Jackson Games

Meurtre à l’Abbaye, Multisim
China Moon, Jeux Descartes

Knightmare Chess, with Pierre Cléquin, Steve Jackson Games

La Vallée des Mammouths, Ludodélire
Tempête sur l’échiquier, with Pierre Cléquin,  Ludodélire

Alpages – in Jeux & Stratégie

– in Jeux & Stratégie

La Rue - extension pour Baston
Les Sales mômes – in Jeux & Stratégie

Baston – with Pierre Cléquin, Jeux Actuels

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